Children’s Program – Roots To Branches

Earth Harmony Wellness is pleased to offer a unique program for children!

At Earth Harmony we have a passion for children and our future.  Envisioning a world of peace and sustainability is at the core of our mission.  Rather than assuming there is nothing we can do that would really make any difference in the grand scale, we see it as taking responsibility for ourselves, in choosing the practice of living in congruence with the vision.  This vision, is then seeded out into the world, one person, one group, at a time.  What we do for the one, we do for the whole. 

We recognize the challenges todays child faces in many areas of their lives. Peer pressure, anti-bullying issues in the schools, we are surrounded by media and government that perpetuates feelings of desperateness and fear in society. We are challenged with the integrity of our food supply.  The pressures to be the best at what we do in order to get ahead in this world we live in. In our fast-paced world a separation of our spiritual selves has become increasingly apparent. As a society, we have become more focused on providing better surroundings for our families, but spend little time or energy in the nourishment of our children’s spiritual paths.  Allowing a child to experience and recognize the divine qualities of goodness, beauty and wisdom empowers them to move through their life in alignment with their soul’s purpose.  Embracing these divine qualities and living a life with more purpose enables us to serve ourselves and creation in a far more substantial manner.  Looking at the challenges our future generations face impassions us here at Earth Harmony Wellness to assist in providing this foundation, of planting seeds, that will assist these future generations in co-creating a sustainable and divinely guided future.  We believe that where energy goes, manifestation follows.  What beliefs and visions do our children have to carry them forward in a world of peace and sustainability? 

Exploring our intuitive human nature, and understanding our energetic body holds enormous implications in the evolution of human kind.  Current constrictions in the process of human expansion is akin to holding a cover on a boiling pot.  Suppression of what inherently wishes to expand outward is going against a natural process.  When encouraged and taught to expand and flourish, we become deeply connected in consciousness.  Like a tree, that begins with seeds planted into the earth, and grows upward, at the same time rooting beneath itself, into a rich foundation that will assist in nourishing and sustaining itself, it is also growing upward with a strong center, expanding outward reaching into the sky.  The branches sway and give way to the winds of change, they shed their layers at times and turn their energies inward for much needed connection to self.  After this time within, the tree bursts forth new life.  The tree is but one example in nature of divine teaching, and connection to higher source.
Children are very sensitive to the energies present in their environment, however often times become conditioned to block or shut down their intuitive natures due to lack of understanding.  This shut-down is a protection mechanism to what is unknown.  This may lead to feelings of confusion, anxiousness, fear, “overly” sensitive, to name a few.  Understanding the energetic body, beyond our physical body is of great value.  Given tools and understanding of the body’s inborn intelligence, we can assist children in developing a deeper connection to themselves, a sense of empowerment and energetic balance within themselves, something they can carry with them throughout their lives.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of planting seeds!  In a broad, all inclusive format, spirituality, not any specific religion, is a foundation for the learning in order to plant the deepest roots of our teachings.  Such terms as “Universe, God, Source, Greater Power, etc.,” are used, although we invite similar terms to be included that your child may better relate to.  Strengthening our connection to The Divine, is an anchoring of oneself.  And like a lighted path, each step of our journey becomes clearer.  Roots become branches!

In a kind, caring, supportive workshop format, we will gather as a group to explore topics on energy vs. matter, kindness, cooperation, personal contributions in the world we all share.  Meditation is incorporated into every class. Projects such as seed planting, mandala coloring, journaling, dream catchers, and more will be incorporated as age appropriate tools to coincide with the lesson.  Fun exercises to build awareness of the human energy field, how our energy centers, or chakras, can serve us.  All designed to plant seeds for a future generation of consciously minded, deeply connected, energetically aware, citizens co-creating the world in which we wish to live.

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