The Divine Feminine


Sister Circle w/ Dianne


The circle resumes! Wow! Times they are a shifting.... fast and faster! There is a pulse on the feminine uprising, and the way we fully step into this new decade is of deep importance. Our connections in sisterhood support the ways we are individually and collectively being 'asked' to show up in a world deeply in need of 'The Mother'. First and foremost, it begins within. And in a supportive space. Join us as we gather 'the way we used to'... long ago. Energetic exchange $25


The Divine Feminine is inherent in each one of us, a connection to primordial source that runs through the very fabric of our being. She is the feminine principal of God, the Goddess.  Within the matrix of life, she has been largely denied as the intricate and essential element she is to this divine matrix.  Establishing a reconnect ion to Her, after thousands of years of dis-connection, is essential to our future survival, as well as essential to our own personal unfolding.

The Divine Feminine is a vibration of love, illuminating the places where we are not love, allowing us to recognize and clear them.  This is powerful, life changing work which creates big shifts in order to clear and bring about our deepest transformation, activating our encoded gifts from our divine blueprint; who we came in to be in service in this lifetime.

Come join with other women in circle as we explore what it means to walk the path of The Divine Feminine.  We will journey to release what holds us back from showing up fully in life, connecting to our inner power, summoning the courage it takes to walk our truth, through deep self-inquiry.  The Divine Feminine Wisdom Circle is a circle of sisterhood which allows for deep transformation to take place. The amplification of the reflections we offer each other hold a key to our own inner mirror. Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years. Circles of sisterhood are greatly needed at this time where we can be supported is a safe, nurturing place. 

Walking in our truth although challenging at times is the most rewarding, fulfilling walk for our soul’s path.  To live a life in truth is to be in touch with the true essence of who we are inside, rather than all of the facades we place in front of us in an effort to receive recognition and acceptance; to feel loved. Operating from essence allows us to resonate at a much higher frequency and invite good into our lives, fulfillment of knowing we are on path with purpose. 

Honoring the temple that is the divine expressing itself through us is the path of Divine Feminine Wisdom. The qualities of Divine Feminine embodiment have been widely recognized as urgently needed to heal many of the crisis we face here on planet earth at this time. What each of us brings to the circle of life is a precious gift to humanity.  Cultivating our gifts and the way in which we show up in our daily lives will be explored and expanded upon in this journey, bringing healing and balance to our feminine and masculine energies inherent in each one of us. We will honor the feminine face of the divine through discussion, sharing and archetypal resonance.  We will journey through meditation to allow the path of feminine wisdom to unfold organically.  Let us join together in circle in sacred devotion to our path. Come and awaken to your own divinity, your own power, your truth. She is calling! 

Three month journies with Divine Feminine archetypes have now begun!

Divine Sisters Awakening The Art & Soul of Sacred Living

The heart of all we do at Earth Harmony Wellness has it's roots in the feminine mystery school teachings. Our next 3 month journey begins in April. Stay tuned for more sharings about this opportunity to work with light & shadow and uncover the Divine Feminine as She lives within you!

New Moon Sister Circle

We will gather on or closely around the new moon utilizing this energy of exploring what we are intending in our lives and entering a more purposeful communion with the Divine essence of this cycle of moon energy for planting new seeds, setting new beginnings in motion, manifesting our intentions. We will incorporate archetypal frequency in guided meditation/embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Goddess, and anything else that comes through.  Bring a journal for this circle. Sharing is encouraged.


$20 please RSVP

For more than two years we have been building our community of sisterhood. As we have come together re-attuning ourselves to natural rhythms & cycles, we have naturally created a container that has been deeply supportive and nourishing for women. One that is rare, and yet deeply missing in our culture. Stay tuned for more ways we will be deepening & answering the call for circle!
(Please check back or call to confirm, dates subject to change)
Please RSVP space is limited

Weaver Dreamer Temple Circle TBD
Guided by Dianne

Sister, what is the vision you are dreaming into being as we prepare for the next stage of our evolution? Have you noticed synchronicities along your path and have not understood what they mean or how to work with them? Are you wanting for more synchronicities? As you release your position in fixity, you allow for your path to expand into a greater vision of the dream your soul has been holding.  Join together in a ceremonial circle of sisterhood as we open up the field to enter into conscious dreaming to begin weaving and grounding our dreams into reality! We will enter into communion with the Weaver Dreamer, an Archetypal embodiment of Divine Feminine consciousness.
Why does this archetype matter to us? We stand at the gateway of a major shifting in consciousness as we enter into 2020.  The awakened feminine consciousness is calling us forth in ways we have yet to fully embrace.  Bringing our full presence to this new paradigm serves us both individually and collectively, in our connectedness to the whole.  Our life is a tapestry, and we are our own weavers. “We are the weavers. We are the woven ones” from Ariel Spilsbury 13 Moon Mystery School
What dreams are you co-creating in this life? Let’s weave together in sisterhood.
Pre-registration due no later than 10/10 to prepare our space and receive instructions.
Your guide, Dianne Chalifour, is an ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek, an Initiate in a 13 Moon Mystery School lineage; Priestess Presence. Dianne is the owner of Earth Harmony Wellness Center, devoted to serving healing of mind, body & spirit through tools and services.

Enter the Void Temple Circle TBD
Guided by Dianne

Sister, come with me, into the darkness, the fallow time of year where the seeds we begin planting will be germinating throughout the winter. Learn how we can utilize this cycle of the year with feminine wisdom, to prepare the soil, so to speak, which will prepare us for the coming time of growth.
Most of our culture rushes through the winter and holiday season, then into the new year expecting something to shift. Yet, failure to prepare our entrance into the new year, doesn’t provide us with a stable foundation with which to grow. In order to enter into the new cycle, we benefit greatly when we allow ourselves to enter the inward descent. To release what no longer serves as we trust in the support of the creational forces. Here, we must commune with, and embrace and shadow parts before our journey to expansion.
Registration due no later than 11/13 to prepare our space and receive instructions.

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At Earth Harmony Wellness we utilize energy healing sessions, meditation and a variety of classes to open a door which already exists within each of us.  This door is our connection to our essence, to Source, to where our gifts lie.

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