Dianne Chalifour

Dianne is a gifted and intuitive healer offering many tools for transformation. She is passionate and dedicated to her purpose in helping humanity in the journey to Oneness. Clearing and healing the energy body is the gateway in which she uses to guide others to a deeper level of themselves, releasing what apparently stands in the way of wholeness. She is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek and a focalizer for Divine Feminine wisdom that stands as a powerful path of transformation. She is a workshop facilitator for The Melchizedek Method of holographic healing and a certified Reiki Master. Working “between the worlds” enables Dianne to be present with the physical person while accessing higher dimensions for healing, and guiding others to their own path of transformation. For the past 20 years, she has studied and learned much in the area natural and holistic healing, from working as a Chiropractic assistant learning about the bodies innate healing wisdom, to herbal apprenticeships, essential oils, shadow work, consciousness studies, various forms of energy healing, and more. She has a deep passion for humanities evolution and transformation to a more peaceful and whole world. She is a compassionate and nurturing healer with the ability to hold space for transformation and healing to take place.

During a session with Dianne, one is held in a high vibratory field of healing energy enabling clearing to take place. Often she utilizes holy anointing oils, sound and the mineral kingdom, along with spiritual tools accessed from within. Dianne’s ability to hold sacred space, allows her to serve as an effective¬† guide for healing energy and guidance during a session.¬† Life recommendations and tools are often part of the session, enabling her clients to experience shifts in life.

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