Welcome to Earth Harmony Wellness

Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

We are located on the New Hampshire seacoast, just north of Portsmouth at 66 Third Street Dover, NH 03820
The center has expanded to include a retail shoppe “OASIS” offering transformational tools to assist in your spiritual journey for mind, body and spirit!

We offer energy clearing and healing sessions, spiritual/life guidance, massage,  infrared sauna, various workshops, divine feminine wisdom circles and meditations for all, to assist in your wellbeing and growth. We are very excited about the growth and expansion that will enable us to offer more that inspires and in service to your journey.

Join us this Saturday from 2PM – 7PM (we open at 10AM)

Mandala Coloring!
Choose your free wish stone! 
Hot Mulled Cider and sweet treats!
Chair Massage 15 minutes for $20!
Free gift wrapping for your purchases!

Enter Earth Harmony Wellness' raffle with a $25 or more purchase for a $100 gift certificate to Oasis Shoppe. Winner chosen at end of day, need not be present and will be notified and mentioned on our FB page!

As part of this Dover Main Street event, with happenings all over town, you may also fill out a raffle form with your purchase for goods and services donated from all participating businesses!

We have lots of specials going on and we can't wait to celebrate with you and your friends & family!

Oasis Holidays!
May we remember what is foremost this holiday season. Beneath it all, the hustle, the bustle, the giving, receiving, decorating and cooking….. it is LOVE! Simply and purely LOVE. It is the only thing that is real. It is what is left when all else falls away; looks, material objects, bitter old resentments, etc. Wherever you find yourself, may you hold LOVE at the heart of it. The energy you create through this practice is greater than the actual doing, it is where magic and miracles happen!

Visit our Oasis retail Shoppe for your Holiday shopping
Stop by and visit us on "Plaid Friday" for specials throughout the center!
Click here for more information

INFRARED SAUNA: The sauna is heating up here as we head into fall. Come boost your immune system with Infrared Therapy, paired with Chromotherapy; light therapy helpful for treating seasonal affective disorder, among many other benefits of light color therapy.

Empowerment and Personal Freedom Workshop

Keys to a more awakened and balanced life. Presented by respected energy clearing healers Dianne Chalifour and John Noftle

Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge needed for your own life journey!

TBA in January
Sacred energy exchange  $133
Space is limited, register early.

more info on our events page

To further support you, registration for this event includes a bonus (optional) gifting of $25 off a session with either Dianne or John when scheduled by the close of the event.

Our times have become increasingly tumultuous. We have undoubtedly entered a new era where the ways we have become accustomed to, are no longer the new norm. Nature is a model that is in constant motion, showing us the way to navigate changing times. Not only to survive, but to thrive. Trees cycle through seasons, shedding the old in order to open to receiving something new and alive.  They don’t hold on to what was. In this modeling, we can tune into cycles such as these as a way to remind us that our own lives are constantly in motion, and through allowing life to flow we open up to everyday miracles, to abundance, a higher unfolding that is underway in each of our lives, and within humanity. All of that said, we need new ways of thinking, to release our expectations on what we anticipate based on previous experiences which leave our energy tapped and our being in states of often unmanageable stress.  This stress leads to a multitude of uncomfortable outcomes, and we can often times feel “stuck”. We are in need of reprogramming our responses to our changing times, to be in more connectivity with ourselves and all of life around us.  At Earth Harmony Wellness, we are aware of this situation in our evolutionary process. We are here in dedicated service to the shifts that are underway.  We are feeling them deeply ourselves. And doing the work necessary to learn and to grow.  We are here in support of the journey. Part of our mission is to continually strive to being present with the flow of all of life around us, tuning in to what is being presented for our highest and best good. Constantly learning and growing ourselves. Through energy healing and clearing sessions, massage, infrared sauna sessions, meditation and various workshops, guest speakers and teachers, retail tools for mind, body and spirit, we are here to support you in these times. We are excited about supporting others and supporting humanities evolution into a new paradigm. A paradigm that is here to show us that LOVE is what is real, and constant, that there is an interconnectivity of life everywhere. We are not separate from the web of life, and never can be. Each one of us has a specific purpose. We are here to assist in tapping in to that Divine connection that is alive in every one of us. Clearing away all that is not serving in order to stand powerfully in our authentic selves is the passion that drives us forward into co-creating the future we all desire, and the future that desires for us to embrace it! There is work to be done, make no mistake about that. The sooner we accept that and get busy on what our specific part is, the richer our life, and that of those who will come after us, will be. There is a force in nature, inherent in all living things, one we cannot deny or suppress. Let us open the gates and allow this force to show us the way forward!  How can we be in service to your journey?

Hours for the center are

Monday           closed
Tuesday           5:00pm - 7:00pm
Wednesday    11:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday        11:00am – 6:00pm
Friday             11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday        10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday             closed
Energy healing/clearing and massage sessions by appointment.

Central to the mission at Earth Harmony Wellness is balance and harmony.  We strive to create balance within ourselves thus contributing to the whole of the planet, recognizing we are all a valuable part which makes up the whole.  We share both knowledge and skills through healing sessions and classes that help to facilitate healing within ourselves and the world.  We realize that inner growth is an ongoing process that can always be nurtured further, and we will continue to search and expand ourselves, while serving others through Divine co-creation.  We treat others the way in which we wish to be treated, with respect and kindness. 

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions identified throughout Earth Harmony Wellness are not intended in any way as a substitute for quality medical care. Consult a qualified medical practitioner for any medical concerns.