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Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

We are located on the New Hampshire seacoast, just north of Portsmouth at 66 Third Street Dover, NH 03820
The center includes a retail shoppe “OASIS” offering transformational tools to assist in your spiritual journey for mind, body and spirit!

As well as an extensive array of crystals, gemstones and minerals plus many other tools, in “Oasis Shoppe”, our wellness center offers energy clearing and healing sessions, spiritual/life guidance, infrared sauna, various workshops, divine feminine wisdom circles and meditations for all, to assist in your wellbeing and growth. We are here in service to your journey.

Celebrating three years in Dover!

We are grateful for all the connections we have made here in this great community! Being in service not only is rewarding, but fulfills our purpose. We cherish the laughter and the tears that are a common occurrence in the center and all the connections we continue to make each day. We appreciate all who share us with their friends & family and look forward to more ways we can support your growth and ours. Thank you!


Sister Circle w/ Dianne

Thursday February 13th 7-9:30 Energetic exchange $25

The circle resumes! Wow! Times they are a shifting.... fast and faster! There is a pulse on the feminine uprising, and the way we fully step into this new decade is of deep importance. Our connections in sisterhood support the ways we are individually and collectively being 'asked' to show up in a world deeply in need of 'The Mother'. First and foremost, it begins within. And in a supportive space. Join us as we gather 'the way we used to'... long ago.

Rock Show & Open House!

Join us Saturday February 15th from 11AM-5PM as we celebrate 3 years!
*Special Rock & Mineral Show w/ Jerry Marchand!
*Free raffles & Treats! *Follow our FB and Instagram for more to come!
Many of you know Geologist and Miner, Jerry Marchand and we are grateful to continue partnering with him and the mineral kingdom to bring the very best in quality! Most all of his specimens are raw, in their natural state. These beauties hold the high frequencies to attune our consciousness for these important times on planet earth, and are priced very reasonably. Jerry is excited to share with us an exceptional lot of the new “GOLDEN HEALERS”! These have just been mined from the Himalayas and will be available to feel and touch, as well as many other wonderful specimens! Drop in any time 11-5.


Sound Healing Journeywork w/ Ben Carroll
Wednesday February 19th 7-9PM $35 pre-registration ($40 at door)

Sound Journeying (sometimes called a sound bath) is a very powerful medium, a tuning for the body, mind and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind and into a much deeper meditative state than what meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much HEALING & RELEASING can occur. Former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll will utilize the sounds of his 4 octave voice, singing bowls, solfeggio tubes, and various other sound tools to journey deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnecting to our higher self and strengthening our own intuition and inner knowing.

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Melchizedek Method of Holographic Healing

Melchizedek Method of Holographic Healing
w/ Energy practitioner and owner Dianne

Saturday February 29th thru Tuesday March 3 10AM-6PM
Registration w/ deposit closes Wednesday 2/12
This powerful, transformative journey is one that brings a deep clearing and acceleration of ones path. It is a path of expansion and stepping into our highest destiny for this incarnation. You will gain tools to use for self and others, but more importantly, you will transform the old, limited story in favor of all that awaits! Reach out if you cannot make info talk but would like more info

Pick up your copy of " Sacred Body Wisdom, Igniting the Flames of Our Divine Humanity" in Oasis Shoppe. This collaborative book of 20 new paradigm women is a treasure of deeply intimate stories of what it means to walk the path of Devine Feminine embodiment. These stories will touch you and awaken in you your own story! Dianne Chalifour, Earth Harmony Wellness owner, is honored to be one of the contributing authors in this Amazon bestseller.  In her chapter she shares about uncovering deeper, hidden layers of wounding from her own lineage and how our collective tapestry connects us to one another through shared experiences. Her journey through physical pain opened up a deep and profound healing that she openly shares.


The Divine Feminine: New Moon Sister Circle - Click here for more info
Guided Meditation for all - click here for more info
Teen Mediation - click here for more info

Our times have become increasingly tumultuous. We have undoubtedly entered a new era where the ways we have become accustomed to, are no longer the new norm. Nature is a model that is in constant motion, showing us the way to navigate changing times. Not only to survive, but to thrive. Trees cycle through seasons, shedding the old in order to open to receiving something new and alive.  They don’t hold on to what was. In this modeling, we can tune into cycles such as these as a way to remind us that our own lives are constantly in motion, and through allowing life to flow we open up to everyday miracles, to abundance, a higher unfolding that is underway in each of our lives, and within humanity. All of that said, we need new ways of thinking, to release our expectations on what we anticipate based on previous experiences which leave our energy tapped and our being in states of often unmanageable stress.  This stress leads to a multitude of uncomfortable outcomes, and we can often times feel “stuck”. We are in need of reprogramming our responses to our changing times, to be in more connectivity with ourselves and all of life around us.  At Earth Harmony Wellness, we are aware of this situation in our evolutionary process. We are here in dedicated service to the shifts that are underway.  We are feeling them deeply ourselves. And doing the work necessary to learn and to grow.  We are here in support of the journey. Part of our mission is to continually strive to being present with the flow of all of life around us, tuning in to what is being presented for our highest and best good. Constantly learning and growing ourselves. Through energy healing and clearing sessions, massage, infrared sauna sessions, meditation and various workshops, guest speakers and teachers, retail tools for mind, body and spirit, we are here to support you in these times. We are excited about supporting others and supporting humanities evolution into a new paradigm. A paradigm that is here to show us that LOVE is what is real, and constant, that there is an interconnectivity of life everywhere. We are not separate from the web of life, and never can be. Each one of us has a specific purpose. We are here to assist in tapping in to that Divine connection that is alive in every one of us. Clearing away all that is not serving in order to stand powerfully in our authentic selves is the passion that drives us forward into co-creating the future we all desire, and the future that desires for us to embrace it! There is work to be done, make no mistake about that. The sooner we accept that and get busy on what our specific part is, the richer our life, and that of those who will come after us, will be. There is a force in nature, inherent in all living things, one we cannot deny or suppress. Let us open the gates and allow this force to show us the way forward!  How can we be in service to your journey?

Hours for the center are

Tuesday – 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM –5:00 PM
Energy healing/clearing sessions by appointment.

Central to the mission at Earth Harmony Wellness is balance and harmony.  We strive to create balance within ourselves thus contributing to the whole of the planet, recognizing we are all a valuable part which makes up the whole.  We share both knowledge and skills through healing sessions and classes that help to facilitate healing within ourselves and the world.  We realize that inner growth is an ongoing process that can always be nurtured further, and we will continue to search and expand ourselves, while serving others through Divine co-creation.  We treat others the way in which we wish to be treated, with respect and kindness. 

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions identified throughout Earth Harmony Wellness are not intended in any way as a substitute for quality medical care. Consult a qualified medical practitioner for any medical concerns.

Earth Harmony Wellness 66 Third Street Dover, NH 03820 Phone: (603)834-9994