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Our times have become increasingly tumultuous. We have undoubtedly entered a new era where the ways we have become accustomed to, are no longer the new norm. Nature is a model that is in constant motion, showing us the way to navigate changing times. Not only to survive, but to thrive. Trees cycle through seasons, shedding the old in order to open to receiving something new and alive.  They don’t hold on to what was.
In this modeling, we can tune into cycles such as these as a way to remind us that our own lives are constantly in motion. Through allowing life to flow we open up to everyday miracles, to abundance. We tap into the unfolding that is underway in each of our lives and within humanity.
All of that said, we need new ways of thinking. We need to release our expectations on what we anticipate based on previous experiences which leave our energy drained and our being in a state of, often, unmanageable stress.  This stress leads to a multitude of uncomfortable outcomes, and we can often feel “stuck”. We are in need of reprogramming our responses to our changing times, to be in more connectivity with ourselves and all of life around us. 
At Earth Harmony Wellness, we are aware of this situation in our evolutionary process. We are here in dedicated service to the shifts that are underway.  We are feeling them deeply ourselves, and doing the work necessary to learn and to grow.  We are here in support of the journey. Part of our mission is to continually strive to being present with the flow of all of life around us, tuning in to what is being presented for our highest and best good.
Constantly learning and growing ourselves. Through energy healing and clearing sessions, infrared sauna sessions, retail tools for mind, body and spirit, we are here to support you in these times. We are excited about supporting others and supporting humanities evolution into a new paradigm. A paradigm that is here to show us that LOVE is what is real, and constant, that there is an interconnectivity of life everywhere.
We are not separate from the web of life, and never can be. Each one of us has a specific purpose. We are here to assist in tapping in to that Divine connection that is alive in every one of us. Clearing away all that is not serving in order to stand powerfully in our authentic selves is the passion that drives us forward into co-creating the future we all desire, and the future that desires for us to embrace it!
There is work to be done, make no mistake about that. The sooner we accept that and get busy on what our specific part is, the richer our life, and that of those who will come after us, will be. There is a force in nature, inherent in all living things, one we cannot deny or suppress. Let us open the gates and allow this force to show us the way forward! 
How can we be in service to your journey?

Dianne Chalifour

Dianne is the owner of Earth Harmony Wellness center in the New Hampshire seacoast, born through her passionate calling in assisting to bridge the disconnect within structures that hold us in a model of separation, to a more expansive, cohesive model that is calling us forward into a new way of being together in harmony in the world. She serves as a type of midwife for her clients to reach deep into their own inner knowing and step forward empowered into the life that is waiting for them.

Dianne is a gifted transformational and intuitive guide offering many tools from her over 30 years of study and personal experience within the healing arts. She is passionate and dedicated to her purpose in helping humanity by offering tools and services to assist in the awakening, connection and shifting of our human evolutionary process of living a soul inspired life.  Clearing and healing the energy body is the gateway in which she uses to guide others to a clearer, deeper level of themselves, releasing what apparently stands in the way of wholeness. During a private session, one is held in a safe, high vibratory field of healing energy. As well as her own intentions and spiritual skills, Dianne may incorporate sound healing vibration, holy anointing oils and the mineral kingdom, as well as intuitive council in her sessions.
Dianne is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek, and a clear channel for Divine Feminine wisdom providing a powerful path of consciousness connection. As an initiate on the Priestess path of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage, she has vowed to continue to show up aligned with love and Divine connection. She offers various ceremonies which deepen our Divine connection and honor Rites of Passage. She serves as a mentor in the Temple Guide Training program through Priestess Presence. She is a certified Level 5 practitioner, as well as a workshop facilitator for The Melchizedek Method of holographic healing and a certified Usui Reiki Master.
Dianne has studied and learned much in the area natural and holistic healing, from working as a Chiropractic assistant learning about the bodies innate healing wisdom, to herbal apprenticeships, essential oils, shadow work, consciousness studies, various forms of energy healing, and more. She has a deep passion for humanities evolution and transformation to a more peaceful and whole world. She is a compassionate and nurturing healer with the ability to hold space for transformation, trauma sensitivity and healing to take place.

Through her own journey into deeper surrender and courage of her continually evolving spiritual path, Dianne is committed to serving from her heart where her path leads her. She is co-author of the 2019 release of Amazon#1 best seller “Sacred Body Wisdom. Igniting The Flame of Our Divine Humanity”.
As well as her passionate engagement in her work, Dianne enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, cat and her love of nature and quiet peaceful reflection time.

Dianne is a Transformational Guide/Energy Practitioner/Priestess co-author Amazon best sellers by Flower of Life Press
"Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity"
"Sacred Reunion: Love Poems to The Masculine & Feminine, an Anthology"
"Voices of the Avalonian Priestesses: Hearing the Call of Essence"

"The soul knows no obstacles. It simply dances in a divinely orchestrated, co-creative entanglement for our highest evolution. We simply allow ourselves to be danced". ~ Dianne Chalifour

Earth Harmony Wellness is a proud and committed supporter of The Conscious Business Declaration. As we evolve to a higher level of citizenship and being in the world, we recognize old, outdated modes of functioning can no longer sustain as at the higher level. 

Read more: https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/e5166e40/files/uploaded/TheConsciousBusinessDeclaration.pdf

Pick up your copy of " Sacred Body Wisdom, Igniting the Flames of Our Divine Humanity" in Oasis Shoppe. This collaborative book of 20 new paradigm women is a treasure of deeply intimate stories of what it means to walk the path of Devine Feminine embodiment. These stories will touch you and awaken in you your own story! Dianne Chalifour, Earth Harmony Wellness owner, is honored to be one of the contributing authors in this Amazon bestseller.  In her chapter she shares about uncovering deeper, hidden layers of wounding from her own lineage and how our collective tapestry connects us to one another through shared experiences. Her journey through physical pain opened up a deep and profound healing that she openly shares.